Organizing for Change

01 - Introduction

January 23, 2017

Have you ever wished you could hear what others are doing to make a difference in their world? This podcast will give you the opportunity to hear from amazing creators of change from all walks of life.


The goal of the Organizing for Change Podcast is to equip coalitions, organizations, and individuals to bring change to their community.


Welcome to episode 001 of the podcast.


Host: Amanda Decker, Coalition Coordinator for ACES (Avon Coalition for Every Student)

Producer: Ed Rand, Youth Liaison for Avon Coalition for Every Student


Where to Find Us:

Organizing for Change Twitter: @organizing4chng

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Links Mentioned:

ACES website:

CADCA (Community Anti Drug Coalitions of America) website:

Community Toolbox:



Coalition: a method used to address and prevent substance use disorder, a method to bring change to an organization, community etc. The dictionary defines it as: an alliance for combined action


Instaparent: Our made-up word for becoming a stepparent


3 Insights from This Episode:

It is important to discover what is happening at the “root” of an issue in order to create change and address the issue. Amanda talks about youth substance use disorder prevention by using the analogy about “looking up the river” in order to address what is “down the river”.

Prevention is slowing down or stopping something before it starts. The host talks about how “scare tactics” are not the most efficient way to reduce youth substance use disorder today. The tobacco rates in the US did not decline because people were “scared” into changing, but because of the policies enacted around tobacco such as “no smoking” in certain location. The goal is to help make the healthy choice, the easy choice.

It is important to make sure you clarify your goal. If you do not communicate your coalition goals often, people may join your coalition with different goals in mind which can sabotage your efforts to create change.



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