Organizing for Change

04 - Communicating Your Message

April 25, 2017

Goal: “to equip coalitions, organizations, and individuals to bring change to their community”


Host, Amanda Decker joins Steve Wright from R&R Partners to talk about how good communication creates effective change.


Welcome to Episode 004 of the Podcast: Communicating Your Message

Guest: Steve Wright, R&R Partners


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3 Insights from This Episode:

  1. Research your audience: Steve and his team used research to test and evaluate every part of their campaign. Steve shares an example of how his team used focus groups with both parents and youth to determine what to name their campaign. Too often people put out a message without doing the homework to test their message out to make sure the right audience is being reached with their message and that their message is having the response they are looking for.
  2. You are not alone: There are many people and organizations in your community who would love to partner with you to help share your message. Steve talks about how they were able to involved unlikely partners such as the Waste Removal companies to help spread their message.
  3. Keep your message simple: Don’t pick many messages to send to your community. Really narrow your message down to be as simple as possible. You can’t do everything, so focus on one issue and do what you do...well. One message heard 10 times is more effective than 10 messages heard once.


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